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Millions of specialists, technicians, businessmen, writers, journalists, anything you can dream on at just a click away.

Things are not that shiny. People pay attention only to their own interests and ignore everything else, they are not willing to share any message if it is doesn’t bring them any direct advantage (of course, there are exceptions). Everybody leaves under his own crystal bell.

I have read allot of bad articles, medium ones, good ones, some of them even brilliant. Even the most interesting ones don’t get more than a few hundred likes. Business proposals: the most of them are ignored with grace.

All of these float in lots and lots of background noise like: X has a new photo, questions regarding elementary mathematics, pictures, allot of pictures, quotes, games etc. I must admit that some pictures brightened my day, some quotes made me wiser, some problems challenged me to solve them.

Joining the social media community I had a dream to find a kind of brotherhood. Wake up people! It is human to help, to give, to share and the planet is big enough for all.

Now, I wish that, together with every one of you, to start MY SOCIAL MEDIA brotherhood! I promise you all that I will never refuse to help anyone if it is in my power to do so. Do not forget you have a friend in Bucharest, Romania.

For business I have created for everyone involved in tourism and the travel industry, for service providers and consumers as well, designed to work as a universal platform, easy to use and easy to find.

In the same time, is a strong tourism and travel union.


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