Who are you?


I don’t want to talk about globalization, standardization, planetary businesses, competition taken to hate level, economical warfare, etc. I would like you to analyze your position in this world of continuous change.

You have a small tourism business, you work harder and harder for less and less money. You stand alone in this huge world that collapses over you and your business.

No one sends you a client without perceiving a commission. It doesn’t matter that you keep the tradition, it doesn’t matter that you make big efforts in order to survive, it doesn’t matter if you continue to exist or you just disappear tomorrow.

No one cares about you!

The only place where your bankruptcy will be noticed is the tax register. This is what you are today! A number in a tax register.

Come with us!

Our numbers are growing each day! You can be our brother, we can send you clients from our own clients. You can also tell your clients about us. This is the only way to survive: together!!

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