The union


We – the small business owners from the tourism industry, have a strange relation with each other. We are in a strong competition with our neighbours with similar businesses, geographically speaking. At the same time we are in a sort of fraternity with all the other owners from the tourism industry with businesses situated at a big geographical distance.

We are all very similar, we work hard, pay taxes, pay commissions, we fight to keep our businesses up and running. None of us got rich out of this.

These strange relationships kept us apart from any form of organization. At this moment, when the OTAs are getting stronger, when the hotel chains and the chains in general involved in supplying services for tourists, from rent-a-car to super tourism agencies and bigger restaurant chains that spread on the planet, we stand alone like qualified victims, waiting for our neighbour to close his business. This situation cannot go on!!! proposes a peaceful way of solving these problems:

  1. Local competition – solved by the first come – first served principle.
  2. International brotherhood – having everybody under the same umbrella, we have the possibility to benefit from our brothers’ clients that have other business types or are further away.

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Christina Hotel
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