Terms & Conditions


    1. The touristic club is a professional organization formed by the owners and the managers of touristic facilities.
    2. The destination is the geographical position of the hotel, as defined by TripAdvisor (example: Europe->Romania->Bucharest).
    3. The host can be any tourism business.
    4. Any host that pays the monthly membership fee and subscribes to respect the present regulations can become a member of the club.
    5. A guest is any person who wishes to benefit from the personalized offers from the hosts.
    6. The monthly membership fee is the moderate amount of money that every member agrees to subscribe (the amount collected is necessary for the common expenditure of the club).
    7. The membership fee is established by each individual member or by vote by all the registered members at the time of the vote.
    1. The purpose of the club is to satisfy the request for services by guests with the offer of services from hosts, without the participation of third parties.
    2. To significantly reduce the expenditure of the hosts with publicity and booking commissions.
    3. To offer the guests the most competitive prices on the market, under the parity rate offered by any online travel agencies.
    4. To increase the profit of the hosts and the guests’ level of satisfaction.
    5. To enhance the quality of the services offered to the guests.
    1. Any owner of a business in tourism can become a member of the club if he/she:
      1. Pays a monthly membership fee of the subscribed amount.
      2. Respects the regulations.
      3. Accepts to make the determined discounts for the guests.
      4. Confirms by email the reservations, the prices and the discounts as soon as possible.
    2. The position of the host on every location page will be based on the “first-come, first-served” principle and will not be subject to negotiation or replacement without the agreement of the host.
    3. The position of the host on the location page represents a personal asset and could be the object of transaction only with the special agreement of the host or, as any property, the object of selling and buying with another host which is already a club member (or not).
      1. The new host who buys a new position from the previous position owner has the same rights and obligations as any other member.
    4. The founding members are the first 15 000 registered.
    1. The guests are the consumers of touristic services.
      1. The users will receive via email personalized offers from the hosts.
    2. In case the user agrees to join the club, he becomes a guest and benefits from personalized discounts up to 4%, up to 8%, up to 12%, up to 15% at any of the members of the club.
      1. The guests will personally receive the offers via email and they will have the opportunity to make the reservation with the help of a single click. Also, the host will receive the reservation via email.
    1. Every touristic facility can be accepted as a member if it subscribes to respect the present regulations and if the provided services to the guest fit the basic standards.
    2. The touristic facilities that present an advanced stage of degradation or that have repeated reclamations from the guests for low quality services will not be accepted.
    3. The hosts have the obligation to respect the regulations and to subscribe to a monthly donation.
    4. The monthly donation, once paid, cannot be paid back to the member (it is non-refundable)
    1. Every person can become the guest of the club if he is committed to respect the regulation and is 18 years or older.
    2. Persons known to have problems with the law (notorious criminals, terrorists, brawlers) will not be accepted in the club.
    3. Every member that subscribes him- or herself to the club will automatically receive “the bronze guest status” which will be followed by up to a 4% discount for every reservation made at any of the hosts.
    4. Every guest can, optionally and under certain conditions, acquire the silver, gold, platinum status (up to 8%, up to 12%, up to 15%).
    5. The discounts will be calculated according to their status: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.
    6. Any fee paid by the guest in order to obtain a higher status, once made, is non-refundable)
    1. The hosts, including the founding members, can be eliminated from the club if they:
      1. Deliberately display online information about their services that does not correspond to reality.
      2. Do not respect the promised discounts offered by contract to the guests.
      3. Do not offer alternative accommodation to the guest in a nearby location classified in the same or better category in case of overbooking.
      4. Do not respect the self-assumed obligation to contribute the monthly membership fee.
    1. Any guest can be eliminated from the system if he fails to observe the general rules of social behavior (i.e., if he is a brawler, causes moral or material damage to a host or for indecent behavior)
    1. The membership fee made by the hosts:
      1. The hosts agree to cover the web design, maintenance, hosting and publicity expenses by paying the membership fee.
      2. The hosts are well aware that this money is necessary for the prosperity of the club.
      3. The value of the membership is established by each host according to his possibilities or it can be established by the vote of the members.
      4. The hosts will pay the membership fee via bank transfer, PayPal, Plationline (Visa/Visa Electron, Mastercard/Maestro card), cash or credit/debit card.
    2. The financial contribution of the guests:
      1. Upon the registration, every guest gains “the bronze guest status” free of charge, which offers the possibility to benefit from up to a 4% discount.
      2. The guest statuses (silver, gold, platinum) have the following discounts and obligations:
        • up to 8% discount for silver guests (10 €/year membership fee)
        • up to 12 % discount for gold guests (20 €/year membership fee)
        • up to 15 % discount for platinum guests (30 €/year membership fee)
      3. The guests will pay the donations via bank transfer, PayPal, Plationline (Visa/Visa Electron, Mastercard/Maestro card), debit/credit card.
    3. For credit card payments, the transaction will show on the client’s bank statement as christinatravelclub.
  10. The fair play principle.
    1. The hosts are subscribing to the fact that the present club is a union type organization and not a competitive place, as they are spread all over the world.
    2. The position of each host on the pages of the club is his own personal property. In these conditions, all the registered hosts are co-owners of the club.
    1. Any host member of the club can contact any other host in order to create groups with common interests.
    2. The initiators and the co-opted members in any group are responsible for the legality and the credibility of their actions.
    3. The actions of a host or a group of hosts cannot represent the entire community; it can represent only those who agreed to participate in those actions.
    4. Any host agrees to offer any other host a mutual discount of 12%.
    5. Every host member of the club will act in good faith and legally correct in order to support the common interests of the members.
    6. The members of the club, hosts or guests, will not use in any way the membership of this organization to solve their personal problems.

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