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17 " Gurgulyat" str., Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria Show map

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Located in the heart of the city, this small gallery will give you comfort and escape from everyday life. Here you will find handmade clothing and accessories, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and glass. In the old suitcases waiting for you special gifts for you and your loved ones. Enjoy this little world populated by angels.
Dear friends, let me share a story with you. Once upon a time, a little girl and a teddy bear lived in a very large house with a huge garden full of flowers. Their favorite place, however, was the attic of her grandmother. Every day the girl and the bear would secretly climb the wooden green ladder and sink into their fantasy world. There, time had stopped. Here and there, the sun would seep into the twilight. The old trunks and cupboards were filled with treasures - old books and pictures, silk and lace dresses and whatnot. The silence was broken only by the subtle rustling of many wings. When their eyes got used to the dark, the girl and the bear began to notice the permanent residents of this wonderful world - the angels from her grandmother's attic. They were everywhere - flying here and there, busy at their angels' work or sitting for a little rest on the old cabinets. The angels had the scent of dried herbs and flowers that the girl and bear loved so much. If this story seems incredible, then check out these pictures and you will believe it! If you want to make a unique gift for your loved ones, then tell me a story about them and I will make them a unique angel. With much love...

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