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Călin MUNTEANU, Owner Christina Hotel

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Owner Christina Hotel

I don’t want to talk about globalization, standardization, planetary businesses, competition taken to hate level, economical warfare, etc. I would like you to analyze your position in this world of continuous change.

You have a small tourism business, you work harder and harder for less and less money. You stand alone in this huge world that collapses over you and your business.

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Founder Hotel

Christina Hotel
No. 13 Ion Slatineanu Street, Bucharest, RomaniaAddress
Room typeSingle RON 287 Room typeDouble RON 331

Latest Properties Registered

Warmoesstraat 58, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands  
DAMRAK 54, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands  
elev Stefan Stefanescu 76, Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania