As Google got stronger and stronger, it tried to influence the rules of the game in its favour. This is not condemnable, any one of us would have done the same. Google is so big and strong that the rules they impose are universal for everyone, no matter how small is the business. The fact that Google exists is the result of natural evolution, it is a given fact and it is pointless to complain now that Google does this or that.

For us, the small ones, the only possible option is to adapt to the rules created by them. Lately, Google has modified the power of our friend’s links in the process of influencing the searches, very few links being indexed at the moment. This translates as:

You have to options to make yourself visible in the internet searches:

  1. To get serious about optimising the content of your website.
  2. To pay for Ad-Words, competing with your colleagues.

We can discuss them separately:

  1. the SEO optimization of your website is very important, but this brings monthly expenditure of 100 – 300 € and all your competitors does the same, while Google changes the rules periodically. It results a spiral of endless expenditures, while everybody tries to be as visible as possible. The only winners are the ones that handle SEO.
  2. Using Ad-Words, everybody knows that the position on the search page is obtained according to the amount you are willing to pay per click. From this, you get a strong competition between you and those with similar businesses and the only winner is the all-mighty Google.

I am proposing you a common sense solution. List your property on ! The link to your property won’t help you very much or even not at all in a Google search, but this link along with your email and the rest of your contact details will bring you DIRECT clients!

Your clients, members of will come directly to you, no matter the page on which your property is listed in the Google searches.

List your property for FREE and keep your position on the pages.

My honest opinion is that you won’t see any results in the first year. This is because needs time and, why not, it needs you in order to grow. As we all know, some things really need time, as someone rightly said: "You cannot make a child in one month by leaving nine women pregnant." is our child, when it will grow, it will reward us for the trust we gave it.

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