1. What is christinatravelclub.org?

It is a club where the services offered by the suppliers (hotels, restaurants, etc.) meet the demand for services of the consumers, without other intermediates or commissions.

2. How does Christina Travel Club works?

The suppliers of services agree to offer discounts to the consumers, members of the club, in a direct way (without the intervention of other parts) via email.

3. What are my benefits as an accommodation provider if I use Christina Travel Club?

As an accommodation provider, the registration in Christina Travel Club brings the following benefits:

a. Reservations without commissions

b. You obtain a very strong link to your property's website

c. The contact details to your property are public

d. You obtain more reservations

e. While you earn more money (you don't have commissions for reservations), your clients pay less, this will make them happier

f. The biggest advantage is that you avoid the OTAs' terrible parity rates

4. What are my benefits as a traveler if I use Christina Travel Club?

If you use Christina Travel Club as a tourist, you obtain up to 15% discounts for many touristic services, according to your position in the club: bronze, silver, gold or platinum.

5. What types of accommodation are accepted in Christina Travel Club?

Christina Travel Club accepts any kind of accommodation providers: guest houses, B&Bs, hotels, hostels, inns, etc.

6. What is the membership fee for accommodation providers in order to be listed on Christina Travel Club?

The membership fee for the accommodation providers is 1 Euro/room/month, but no less than 20 Euro/month.

7. Who are the founding members?

The first 15,000 accommodation providers registered on the christinatravelclub.org website are the founding members and will benefit from discounts and other advantages.

8. Is there a fee for the travelers that use the services of Christina Travel Club?

At the moment of registration, any tourist becomes a bronze member of the Christina Travel Club and benefits from a 4% discount for all the services offered by Christina Travel Club. If the bronze member wants bigger discounts, he has the opportunity to become a silver, gold or platinum member for a very small fee.

9. How can we really guarantee the best price?

All the OTAs and even the hotels' websites offer you a parity rate that the hoteliers are required to offer. Christina Travel Club offers 4%, 8%, 12% and 15% discounts from this parity rate, privately via email, to each tourist. So this is the best price you can have because it is your personalized price.

10. How will we use the money collected as membership fee?

The money collected as membership fee will be used for covering the expenses of the club, for administration, hosting, advertising, etc.

11. What do I gain if I sign up now?

According to the regulations of Christina Travel Club, your position on your location's page is obtained on the basis of first-come, first-served and it becomes your property. A better position means better visibility, resulting in more reservations. In the same time, the first 15,000 registered are the founding members and benefit from discounts.

12. Why should I share my email database with my colleagues?

In the case of accommodation facilities, the competition exists only on a local level. Sharing the email database with Christina Travel Club you obtain access to millions of your colleagues' tourists from other locations.

13. Who owns Christina Travel Club?

We, the suppliers of accommodation services all over the world, own Christina Travel Club. Christina Travel Club is our organization and every one of us is the owner of his position on the christinatravelclub.org lists, which represents a private good.

14. How can I contact the administrator of the website?

By writing an email to office@christinatravelclub.com , at the +40722517455 phone number, or at the +40212107304 fax number.

15. Where can I ask something about Christina Travel Club?

You can ask about Christina Travel Club by talking to your administrator or by writing an email to calin@christinatravelclub.com .

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