New Years Eve Gala - Concert & Dinner & Party - indoor

Vigadó tér 2, Budapest, Pest, Hungary Show map

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Greet the New Year in the style of the 19th century! Budapest shows its prestige on the 31st of December, presenting an absolute and entire night program on our Gala Celebration!
The program takes place in one of Budapest Downtown’s most distinguished theatre buildings, the Pesti Vigadó. The building itself is of great importance, due to its role in the birth of today’s capital, as it was the host of the meeting where the mayoralty of the three main parts of the city declared unity. Predecessor to the Vigadó of Pest, the Redoute, opened its doors in 1833 as a masterpiece of Classicism. Being the only concert hall in the capital at the time, artists like Strauss, Erkel and Liszt played there; so the Pesti Vigadó is the proper location to greet and celebrate the New Year.

Tickets are available separately, in multiple options:

Full night event (5 course gala dinner, 1st category concert seat, salon reception)
Gala Dinner and Gala Concert (5 course gala dinner, 1st category concert seat)
Gala Concert and Salon reception (1st category concert seat, salon reception)
1st category concert seat only


19:00- Gala Dinner

As program starter, we would like to invite you to our Gala Dinner beginning at 19:00. Do not worry about table reservations for New Year’s Eve’, enjoy a full service Gala Dinner in the beautiful restaurant hall of the PestiVigadó! The Gala Dinner features a 5 course meal, selected and prepared exclusively for this event. There are cold and warm appetizers, soup, main course and dessert; on top of that, a different glass of premium wine is served for each course from a carefully selected assortment.

22:00 – Gala Concert

The two hours long Gala Concert starts at 22:00 in the theatre hall, preparing New Year’s celebration. There is no better way to greet the coming year, than listening to some great classical music, from composers known worldwide, in a prestigious environment. In preparation for the New Year’s celebration, the Budapest Gala Orchestra leads the grandiose concerto, in cooperation with professional ballet dancers serving as confirmation to the fact that music and dance is inseparable. The program includes operetta songs performed by soloists of the world-famous Budapest Operetta Theatre. In addition to all, we took the opportunity to include some unique elements into the program; well known evergreens on a traditional Hungarian folk instrument, the cimbalom, and Hungarian folk song adaptation performed by talented gypsy band.

00:00 –New Year’s Greeting

00:30 Salon reception

Clink glasses and celebrate after midnight on our salon reception. Celebrate the New Year in ballroom atmosphere with friends, family, loved ones, or join the great multicultural crowd. Having a great time together, exchanging stories and experiences with fellow travelers is a great way to set a delightful mood, and start a coming year, full of promises.Salon music and dance opportunity is provided for the young and for those, who never get old! On our all-inclusive salon reception, there’s no empty plate or glass, the open bar features champagne, multiple wine options soft drinks and much more. Everything that’s necessary for a great party!

Date of the program: 31st December


Gala Dinner Menu
Tomato and Sesame Butter with Crispy Baguettes
Duckliver Pasty with Dried Plum Cream
Ginger Red Lentil Cream Soup with Shrimp
Crispy Bacon with Vanilla Polenta and Anise Orange Marmelade
Rosé boiled Pork Haunch with Bread Rolls and Champagne Red Cabbage
Kiss Gábor Villányi Rosé Cuvée
Balla Géza Ménesi Feketeleányka
Beszterce Plum Mousse

Gala Dinner Wines
Szatmári Vulcanus
Szatmári Ürmös Likőr

Midnight Salon Menu
Lentil Sauce
Stuffed Cabbage

Midnight Salon unlimited drink consumption:
Hungária Extra Dry Champagne
Kiss Gábor Villányi Rosé Cuvée
Szigetközi Mineral Water (still / with gas)
Pepsi Cola soft drink products
Szentesi Rajnai Riesling
Posta Noir
Bottled Beers

Vegetarian/special diet option is available upon request. Please contact us if you prefer.

Part 1.

Johann Strauss: Die Fledermaus (The Bat)– Overture
Johann Strauss: Die Fledermaus (The Bat) – Champagne Song
Lévai Enikő Éva, Bódi Barbara, Boncsér Gergely, Kádár Szabolcs, Ballett Ensemble
Franz Lehár: The Land of Smiles – You are my heart’s delight („Dein ist mein ganzes Herz”)
Boncsér Gergely
Franz Lehár: The Merry Widow– Vilja Song
Lévai Enikő Éva
Emmerich Kálmán:The Czardas Queen– „Das ist die Liebe”
Bódi Barbara, Kádár Szabolcs
Franz Lehár: The Merry Widow – „Lippen schweigen”
Lévai Enikő Éva, Boncsér Gergely
Johann Strauss (jr.): „Tritsch-Tratsch“ Polka
Balett Ensemble
Giuseppe Verdi: La Travi

Full night event (5 course gala dinner, 1st category concert seat, salon reception): 162.50
Gala Dinner and Gala Concert : 139€
Gala Concert and Standing Reception: 109€

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