Christmas Gala Concert - indoor

Zrínyi Street 5, Budapest, Pest, Hungary Show map

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Bring the Christmas flavor closer with a program composition compiled for these special occasions!

How does Strauss or Liszt sound for symphonic orchestra and cimbalom? Look into the history of Hungary through music! Hungary always influenced the European music life more, than it would be expected from such a small country. Unique folklore music traditions gave inspiration to numerous foreign composers visiting Hungary.

With a repertoire covering musical styles such as operetta, gypsy music and Hungarian related classical music, the Danube Symphony Orchestra leads the grandiose concert, in cooperation with professional ballet dancers serving as confirmation to the fact that music and dance is inseparable.

The program includes operetta songs performed by soloists of the world-famous Budapest Operetta Theater. In addition to all, we took the opportunity to include some unique elements into the program; traditional Hungarian folk instrument, the cimbalom and Hungarian folk songs adaptation performed by authentic gypsy band.
Concert Dates: 27th and 30th December

Ticket prices

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47 EUR

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Adult: 33 EUR
Student: 30 EUR

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Adult: 30 EUR
Student: 26.50 EUR

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Adult: 26.50 EUR
Student: 23 EUR

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